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Centiel expands StratusPower product line to offer versatile UPS from 10 kW to 3.75 MW


Centiel, a leading technology provider of critical power solutions based in Switzerland, announces the expansion of its StratusPower uninterruptible power supply (UPS) line, reinforcing its commitment to advancing power infrastructure. The expanded StratusPower product line now offers a versatile range from 10 kW to an impressive 3.75 MW to meet the diverse needs of industries requiring reliable and scalable power solutions.
The latest expansion introduces compact modules from 10 kW to 30 kW, seamlessly complementing the existing robust modules up to 62.5 kW. StratusPower stands out as one of the most adaptable UPS on the market, offering a comprehensive range of options. This includes the unique ability to consolidate power from 10 to 1,500 kW in a single cabinet, with seamless expandability up to an exceptional 3.75 MW.

This strategic expansion into the lower power ranges extends StratusPower's reach to meet a spectrum of needs, particularly within critical power infrastructure with reduced power requirements. StratusPower transcends traditional data center boundaries, giving users unprecedented flexibility in configuring the ideal setup for different applications. The expansion ensures that StratusPower remains a leader in providing customized power solutions for evolving scenarios and applications.

In conjunction with the expansion of the StratusPower product line, Centiel introduces the revolutionary StratusPower-based Universal Rack UPS. Designed for maximum customization, this modular three-phase UPS seamlessly integrates into any 19-inch rack, regardless of manufacturer, and delivers up to 120 kW of power. Ideal for integrated IT, telecom, or critical control processes, the Universal Rack UPS incorporates battery and communication features, offering a blend of technical and commercial benefits tailored to meet diverse power protection needs. This solution provides system integrators with efficient customization options using off-the-shelf products, enabling them to add local value to their power protection solutions. The compact size of the 10/20/25 and 30 kW modules provides a space-saving solution without compromising performance, solidifying StratusPower's position as a leader in innovative and customizable power solutions.

Gerardo Lecuona, Sales Director Centiel, comments: “The success and positive reception of StratusPower have been truly gratifying. We are excited to expand this exceptional product to serve a broader range of applications, from data centers to critical power infrastructure with lower power requirements. This expansion ensures that our customers benefit from a state-of-the-art, all-in-one solution that effortlessly adapts to their evolving needs.”

In addition to the expanded product line, the benefits of StratusPower, known as the ultimate data center infrastructure solution, now seamlessly extend to smaller units available in the market. As organizations prioritize data center uptime, StratusPower continues to play a critical role in minimizing financial losses, preventing reputational damage, and retaining customers. With industry-leading voltage and frequency independence (VFI) efficiency of 97.6 percent, the innovative Distributed Active-Redundant Architecture (DARA) topology ensures full availability with no single point of failure, providing a 9-nines (99.9999999 percent) uptime guarantee. Whether in large configurations or smaller units, StratusPower's scalability, advanced power management features, and connectivity options make it the ideal choice for data center operators looking to optimize their power infrastructure. Designed with a 30-plus year lifespan, a minimal component replacement for more than 15 years, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability with zero waste and net-zero policies, StratusPower continues to set the standard for efficiency, reliability, and environmental responsibility in the ever-evolving data center landscape.

About Centiel
Centiel is a Swiss-based technology company that designs, manufactures, and delivers industry-leading power protection solutions for critical facilities. The company’s range of class-leading, energy-efficient UPS systems offers the highest availability and reliability and has been developed by the innovators of the industry’s first transformer-less UPS and the world's first three-phase modular UPS. Centiel’s network of channel partners and subsidiaries is rapidly expanding, providing premier power protection solutions worldwide.

For further information please visit www.centiel.com/stratus-power

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Bruna Butti, Head of Marketing and Corporate Strategy, email: write@centiel.com