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Designed with the future in mind

Modular three-phase UPS 50 kW to 3.75 MW


The ultimate UPS for net-zero data centers

StratusPower is a state-of-the-art UPS system specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of data center operators, providing complete peace of mind when it comes to power availability and sustainability. StratusPower is highly scalable which makes it an excellent choice for data centers of various sizes. Whether you have a server room or a massive data center, you can customize your StratusPower system to meet your specific needs. The three-phase modular UPS covers the power range from 50 to 1,500 kW in one cabinet and can be paralleled for 3,750 kW of uninterrupted, clean power. With an industry-leading voltage and frequency independence (VFI) efficiency of 97.6 percent and a flat efficiency curve - based on a widely proven semiconductor technology - StratusPower delivers high efficiency and low energy losses, reducing heat generation and, thus, the size and cost of your cooling system.

  • Swiss made

    designed and manufactured

  • No Single point of failure

    99.9999999 % availability

  • Fully distributed

    DARA - full redundancy

  • From 50 kW - 1.5 MW

    in a single-connection cabinet

  • 97.6 %

    VFI efficiency

  • Low TCO

    15 years caps and smart fans

  • Smart energy

    peak-shaving, self-test

  • 714 kW/m²

    space-saving footprint

  • Fully connected

    easy to read info in App, SNMP, Modbus, temperatures, alarms and full range of options available

The StratusPower product offering:

  • DC Flex

     Unparalleled flexibility when it comes to battery storage installation and configuration, as well as preparing the infrastructure to manage both current and future energy sources

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     Flexibility to select the number and type of battery blocks

     Various battery storage devices, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your needs and budget

  • The low total cost of ownership solution

    A properly sized UPS delivers all the power needed virtually instantaneously, there is no need to oversize the system. Batteries are charged quickly so there is no need to oversize the battery string either. This highly efficient approach also reduces cooling costs.

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    With its fully modular and distributed design, it provides unparalleled reliability, uptime, efficiency and easy serviceability.

  • Robust and reliable inverter design

    At Centiel, we take reliability very seriously. That’s why we oversize our modules by 24%.With a continuous module operation capacity of 75 kW, the 750 kW StratusPower UPS transforms into a 900 kW powerhouse.

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    The triple-mode parallel bus provides an extra layer of redundancy, eliminating any single point of failure in communication between frames and modules

    Full flexibility to connect either a single input power source, like a generator or utility power, or dual input power sources for maximum redundancy and reliability.

    The StratusPower boasts a reliable, widely proven semiconductor technology, including an inverter physical isolation in case of IGBT failure, ensuring maximum uptime for your critical infrastructure.

  • Lightweight module and extra-safe

    Each module is lightweight, weighing in at only 42 kg,

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    Making installation and maintenance easy and safe.

  • Extended

    Design life of more than 30 years

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    Components that don’t need to be replaced for 15+ years

    This helps reduce waste, making it a sustainable choice for any data center operator

DARA - Take your power availability to the next level

When it comes to availability, it’s what’s inside that counts

It is essential to have a UPS system that you can rely on to keep your critical infrastructure up and running 24/7. That’s where DARA comes in. DARA stands for Distributed Active Redundant Architecture, and it’s the technology that powers StratusPower. With DARA, you can be confident that your data center will have the highest level of protection against power outages and other electrical disruptions.

In DARA, all modules collaborate to make critical decisions to secure your load remains energized. This process involves teamwork among the modules, with multiple controllers ensuring redundancy and efficiency in delivering maximum energy security in the event of a power failure. This approach enables the UPS to make informed decisions that optimize power supply, minimize downtime and safeguard critical loads.

  • Mean time to repair (MTTR)

    DARA’s technology on the frame level has been designed to accommodate non-intrusive maintenance and to minimize mean time to repair (MTTR), ensuring that any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. For example, in the event of a power failure, fuses and switches can be quickly accessed without removing modules.

Powering sustainability

StratusPower – not only a reliable and efficient power protection solution but also a sustainable choice for your critical infrastructure.
At Centiel, we are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment and promoting sustainability in all aspects of our business.

  • Energy efficiency

    Industry-leading voltage and frequency independence (VFI) efficiency of 97.6 percent

    Flat efficiency curve

  • Eco mode

    Eco mode boasts an industry-leading efficiency of 99.4 percent

    Enables it to detect changes in load and switch to a different operating mode with a reaction time of under 2.5 milliseconds

  • Correct sizing of UPS and batteries

    Because the properly sized UPS delivers all the power needed instantaneously, there is no need to oversize the system

    Further, batteries are charged quickly so there is no need to oversize the battery string either

  • Maximum efficiency management

    StratusPower incorporates maximum efficiency management (MEM) – a user-enabled intelligent feature that matches module numbers to load demand

    This optimizes energy consumption at low-load conditions

  • Eco-friendly material and processes

    The UPS is manufactured using eco-friendly materials and processes

    This ensures that our products have minimal impact on the environment

Not only a reliable and efficient power protection solution