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Winning Contracts Doesn’t Mean You Have to Comprimise


When cost reduction is a driver for winning contracts, a standalone UPS is a good solution.

However, how do you ensure that the reduction in cost doesn’t mean a comprimise on quality or performance? Before buying a standalone UPS there are several factors that you should take into consideration.

UPS that offers built-in internal batteries eliminates the hidden cost of external battery cabinets while minimising the overall system footprint. Choosing a manufacturer that allows for flexibility in the number of internal battery blocks will enable system designers to optimise costs versus autonomy time without power derating and enables the upgrade of the UPS without changing the battery installation.

Don’t forget, a UPS that has a small footprint and is easy to install initially and , will provide a smoother handover for contractors and clients alike.

Another consideration when choosing a UPS is Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Purchasing poor quality or inferior designed products can rapidly drive up your overall investment. The cost of future replacement parts and remedial work other components that need to be repaired or replaced within a short period add up to the same price as another new system.

Purchasing directly from a manufacturer or its approved distribution partner provides the peace of mind of full factory support and servicing, plus a 2-year factory warranty.

The priority of any UPS is to protect the critical load and keep it running as long as possible in the event of a power loss. With advancements in technology and flexibility in system designs, there is now no need to compromise on quality or performance.

At CENTIEL our design team works at the forefront of technological development. We are the trusted advisors to some of the world’s leading institutions in this field. CENTIEL’s stand-alone UPS: PremiumTower for example, has an unbeatable on-line operating efficiency of 96.6% which minimizes running costs.  It is currently available in power ratings of 10kW – 250kW, with a range of frame sizes that include built-in batteries to significantly reduce footprint ensuring it can fit into even the smallest comms room.

PremiumTower is another high-quality solution from the same R&D team that brought the industry  CumulusPower , CENTIEL’s class-leading modular UPS system. PremiumTower has the same Swiss build quality and innovative technology seen in CumulusPower but comes in a lower cost, stand-alone version ideally suited to applications where minimizing Total Cost of Ownership is a significant factor.

For more information about our complete range of UPS please see:


By Gerardo Lecuona, Co-founder & Global Sales Director, CENTIEL SA