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Centiel expands in Middle East


October 5th, 2022 - Dubai, UAE - Swiss UPS manufacturer Centiel announced the opening of four new subsidiary offices in the Middle East, serving as a reference point for Centiel’s customers in various countries in the region.

Filippo Marbach, Founder and CEO of Centiel, states that “The energy sector right now is facing various challenges, and the future will require even more environmentally sustainable and high-performance systems. New opportunities and cities are springing up all over the Middle East. Centiel's technology is highly appreciated by customers from various sectors, in particular for supporting the development of these modern and eco-sustainable projects”.

Innovative and high-quality products are provided by experts that are able to support the customer all the way, along with commercial, technical, and logistical aspects. For Centiel, technology and service always go together.

Gerardo Lecuona, Co-founder and CENTIEL Global sales director, ads: “Customers often find themselves having to make a choice between quality products and efficient customer service. For Centiel, it isn’t a matter of one or the other. Centiel's goal is to offer innovative products of the highest quality, while at the same time offering customers the best technical assistance possible.”

Like all subsidiaries around the world, the Middle Eastern offices located in Dubai, the UAE, Qatar, and Egypt, play an important role. They guarantee a close connection with the clients, rapid technical support, and the simplification and optimisation of processes for clients and partners.

On top of this, Centiel staff in the Middle East advise the sales team, train technicians from other partners in the region, and manage a warehouse in each country with Centiel products for deliveries that need to be carried out particularly quickly.

Ahmad Awad, IMEA CENTIEL regional sales manager, comments: “Centiel occupies a unique position in the market. The company is strongly focused on providing excellent support to its customers, and its UPS solutions stand out for their made in Switzerland quality and reliability. These attributes will be an added value for CENTIEL’s expansion in the region. Our presence in the area is growing rapidly and the new offices will support this growth. "

CENTIEL is a Swiss-based technology company that designs, manufactures, and delivers industry-leading power protection solutions for many critical facilities. The company's industry-leading, energy-efficient range of UPS systems offers maximum availability and reliability.

The 4th generation true modular UPS CumulusPower, developed by the innovators of the industry's first transformerless UPS, and the world's first three-phase modular UPS, offers the highest availability, with an industry high of 'Nine nines' 99.9999999% being achieved.

CumulusPower has now been installed in data centers and communications rooms in over 60 countries and across five continents. CENTIEL's network of channel partners and branches is expanding rapidly, providing industry-leading power protection solutions all around the world.