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Модульная до 3,6 МВт. Возможность подключения к следующему уровню.

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30+ years of experience

CENTIEL is a Swiss-based technology innovation company with a highly experienced team of designers, who have developed the first 3 phase-modular fault-tolerant UPS-system. With our passion and commitment for innovative design, product quality, and customer care, we are keeping pace with the increasing availability challenges in data centers and other mission-critical applications. Our competitive advantage relies on an open minded, direct managerial style, as well as a lean organizational structure, and quick decision making.

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Innovative Design

Big data, Industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things require a global and always-on network. As a result, traditional high-availability technology is no longer good enough. Datacenters and systems now span the globe and applications must be accessible at all times. Meeting these higher-availability demands requires a new power protection strategy that accounts for the increasing complexity of enterprise application infrastructures.

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High Availability

Thanks to our extensive failure analysis research and insights gathered from 25 years of field experience working with a large number of data centers and other critical environments, our power protection solutions have reached the highest levels of availability to reduce downtime risk, avoid costly errors, and increase energy efficiency. To respond to highest availability requirements i.e. to eliminate risks that may cause computer downtime of business-critical applications.

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Передовые технологии

В Швейцарии изготовлены и спроектированы источники бесперебойного питания для наиболее важных устройств, работающих с помощью электропитания. У нас есть всё: от автономной PremiumTower10-60 кВт до самого современного модульного решения CumulusPower с наивысшей доступностью. Передовые технологии Centiel поднимают доступность на новый уровень.

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Centiel Global Via alla Stampa 15
Cadro, Lugano
CH6965, Switzerland. +41 91-2103683 write@centiel.com