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Centiel Ensuring Critical Power for the Indonesia Ministry for Data and Information Center, Indonesia



The Indonesia Ministry in Indonesia recognized the vital need to safeguard its Data and Information Center, responsible for maintaining defense information systems, IT infrastructure, and communication security. To achieve this, a reliable, efficient, and highly available uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system was essential. PT Centielindo Daya Utama, Centiel’s local partner in Indonesia, was invited to participate in a tender for the supply, installation, and maintenance of such a UPS system.


Collaborating with the main project contractor, PT Centielindo Daya Utama embarked on a mission to protect the Indonesia Ministry’s Data and Information Center using Centiel’s modular Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system. The project aimed to establish a new data center facility within the Ministry’s building. PT Centielindo Daya Utama’s responsibility was to provide the UPS and its components, including batteries, while the main contractor focused on the data center infrastructure.
Given the critical nature of the data center, a modular UPS system was chosen to ensure optimal protection, along with extensive autonomy time. This solution was designed to facilitate future power expansion. The top priorities included achieving high efficiency, maximum availability, and maintaining uninterrupted power even in the event of module failure. Additionally, the modular UPS system needed to have a compact design to fit within the data center’s limited floor space.
The project presented several challenges, starting with the unavailability of the designated UPS room, which contained non-relocatable equipment. PT Centielindo had to identify an alternative location within the Data Center. The restricted footprint in this area necessitated UPS units with a small physical footprint.
Another challenge was educating the user about traditional Modular UPS systems’ potential single points of failure. Explanations were provided to emphasize the importance of power protection, and it was evident that Centiel UPS, with its redundancy and “9 nines” (99.9999999%) availability, was the ideal choice for the critical load.


Amid stiff competition from industry giants, Centiel emerged as the chosen provider for the project. They supplied one Cumulus Power frame equipped with various UPS modules, ensuring a vast autonomy time. Centiel’s ability to deliver UPS units with a small footprint and ample capacity for expansion played a significant role in their selection.

The decision to use Distributed Active Redundant Architecture (DARA) eliminates any single points of failure, reinforcing the system’s reliability. The modules, housing the rectifier, inverter, static bypass, and control logic, were designed to be 100% UPS, allowing for independent operation and self-isolation in the event of module failures without compromising the entire system. Centiel’s advanced technology set them apart from competitors, securing their position as the primary UPS provider for the data center.
PT Centielindo Daya Utama ensured the timely delivery of the UPS, meeting the Ministry’s urgent requirements. Despite the tight installation schedule, the small UPS footprint provided by Centiel seamlessly fit into the chosen location, maintaining high-quality standards. Centiel’s Cumulus Power, with its “9 nines” (99.9999999%) availability, offered unmatched resilience, reliability, and availability, providing peace of mind to the Indonesia Ministry, knowing that their Data and Information Center is fully protected.


Centiel’s innovative UPS solution not only met the Indonesia Ministry’s immediate power protection needs but also provided a future-proof solution with exceptional reliability and efficiency.

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