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We believe everything
is about people…
The right people


Become a partner

Centiel is a fast-growing lean organization with flat management style, flexibility, quick reaction, competence and technical knowledge are part of our values.
We believe everything is about people, the right people, we are very keen to find the best people out there to partner with and together create success.

Flexibility, quick reaction, competence and technical knowledge are part of our values.

Your benefits

Stay ahead of competition

  • Unique product benefits
  • Swiss quality
  • The highest availability modular UPS.
  • Complete range from 10kW up to 3.6 MW
  • Easy and quick maintenance
  • Low cost spare parts

You are not alone

  • 24/7 technical assistance from manufacturer
  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Easy to use service tools.
  • Ad-hoc solutions for specific applications
  • System dimensioning tool
  • Easy quotation tool

Are you into industrial or special applications?

Find in Centiel the right partner to build together your customers’ satisfaction
  • Special frame solutions
  • UPS ad-hoc behaviors

Tough market?

Let’s talk about it, and find the best way to make you competitive.


Centiel Global Adress,
Via alla Stampa 15
Cadro, Lugano
CH6965, Switzerland. +41 91-2103683 write@centiel.com

Centiel UK Adress,
Faraday House
Caker Stream Road
GU34 2QF