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Centiel provides reliable power for Gulbrandsen’s chemical plant in Indonesia



Gulbrandsen, a prominent global chemical manufacturing company headquartered in the United States, specializes in providing cost-effective and high- quality chemical solutions. As part of its expansion plans, Gulbrandsen initiated the construction of an 8,300-square-meter chemical manufacturing facility in Indonesia. This ambitious project aimed to establish a robust manufacturing base to meet growing demand.
Gulbrandsen India, a subsidiary of the company, recognized the critical importance of a reliable power supply for their new factory in Indonesia. To evaluate their options, they contacted PT Centielindo Daya Utama, Centiel’s local partner in Indonesia. While considering proposals from other major competitors, they wanted to determine if Centiel could meet the specifications required for their chemical manufacturing facility


Gulbrandsen India outlined the plant’s power requirements, which included DCS and PLC systems, associated instrumentation, load cells, solenoids, actuators, and analog transmitters, as well as non-critical loads such as printers, CCTV cameras, fire alarms, and PCs. It was clear from the outset that a modular UPS solution such as CumulusPowerTM was the appropriate solution.
Given the geographical distance between Gulbrandsen India and PT Centielindo Daya Utama, the collaboration took place online. They meticulously discussed the specifications, identified the necessary cabling, and planned the placement of the UPS in the dedicated UPS room.
The chemical manufacturing nature of the facility presented unique challenges. The risk of chemical reactions in the manufacturing process required uninterrupted power to the PLC and DCS systems and their instrumentation. Any electrical failure that halted production could pose a significant risk. Gulbrandsen needed a highly available and reliable UPS solution to ensure continuous operation.
To underscore the commitment to product reliability, a 3-year warranty was provided, underscoring the importance of this project.
Despite fierce competition from industry leaders, Centiel won the tender by offering CumulusPowerTM providing 30 minutes of autonomy for each battery bank. This choice not only met the project timeline of less than 6 months but also allowed PT Centielindo to deliver the UPS faster than Gulbrandsen’s schedule.
Collaborative efforts ensured proper cable sizing and panel support for the UPS throughout the project timeline. Centiel was selected for its commitment to providing modular UPS systems with the highest availability achieved through Distributed Active Redundant Architecture (DARA), which ensures 99.999999999% (9 nines) availability.

Centiel’s UPS system also boasts a low total cost of ownership (TCO) thanks to its Maximum Efficiency Management (MEM) technology and minimal energy losses. Prior to selection, Centielindo highlighted that Centiel’s modules are 100% UPS, ensuring independence and self-isolation for each module—an innovative approach in the UPS industry.
PT Centielindo Daya Utama efficiently installed CumulusPowerTM with a battery autonomy of 30 minutes in less than 24 hours. The materials were shipped days ahead for maximum efficiency.


Centiel takes pride in its role in ensuring reliable power for this new chemical engineering facility, recognizing the critical significance of uninterrupted power in such an important facility.

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