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Centiel showcases cutting-edge power solutions at Electric Power Tech Korea 2024


Electric Power Tech Korea 2024, renowned as the leading power and technology exhibition and billed as the country's largest power industry gathering, recently concluded its highly anticipated event in South Korea. With around 30,000 attendees and 350 exhibitors, the event marked a pivotal moment for the renewable energy industry, underscoring the growing interest and investment in sustainable energy solutions. Among the high-profile exhibitors, Centiel, a prominent figure in the South Korean power protection market, shone as one of the key players.

In collaboration with its partner in South Korea, WONLEE Solutions Co. Ltd., Centiel introduced its latest UPS innovation, the StratusPower three-phase modular UPS, to the local market. The unveiling of this groundbreaking 5th-generation UPS solution attracted considerable attention and excitement from the audience, reflecting the anticipation surrounding its cutting-edge technology. Attendees had the invaluable opportunity to experience the solution first-hand through a demonstration unit on display, which left a lasting impression.

Visitors were particularly impressed by StratusPower's remarkably high VF efficiency of 97.6% and its extended 30-year product life cycle. These outstanding features promise to significantly improve the sustainability of critical application protection, further cementing Centiel's position as a leader in shaping the future of the electrical and power sector.

Electric Power Tech Korea provided attendees with a comprehensive showcase of products and solutions spanning power equipment and systems, control and management systems, lighting and related materials, transmission equipment and systems, and new and renewable energy systems and components. The event served as a dynamic platform for industry professionals to participate in informative seminars, workshops, and forums, fostering an invaluable exchange of information and ideas.

Centiel's participation in Electric Power Tech Korea 2024 further solidifies its position as a pioneering company at the forefront of power technology innovation. With its Swiss roots and proven DARA technology, Centiel continues to lead the way toward a more sustainable and efficient future for the power industry.

About Centiel

Centiel is a Swiss-based technology company that designs, manufactures, and delivers industry-leading power protection solutions for critical facilities. The company’s range of class-leading, energy-efficient UPS systems offers the highest availability and reliability. It has been developed by the innovators of the industry’s first transformer-less UPS and the world's first three-phase modular UPS. Centiel’s channel partners and subsidiaries network is rapidly expanding, providing premier power protection solutions worldwide.

For further information please visit www.centiel.com

For further information / high-resolution images contact:
Bruna Butti, Head of Marketing and Corporate Strategy, email: write@centiel.com