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CENTIEL showcases StratusPower sustainable UPS in the UK at Data Centre World


15 January 2024: CENTIEL will showcase its new sustainable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in the UK at Data Centre World, 6-7 March on booth D725. StratusPowerTM now leads the industry to provide complete peace of mind about power availability while helping data centres to achieve net-zero targets.
Centiel’s latest UPS innovation StratusPower shares all the benefits of its award-winning three-phase, true modular UPS CumulusPowerTM - including “9 nines” (99.9999999%) availability to effectively eliminate system downtime; class-leading 97.6% online efficiency to minimise running costs; true “hot swap” modules to eliminate human error in operation – but now also includes long-life components to improve sustainability.
StratusPower is the cumulation of four years of development to ensure Centiel’s latest UPS is now as sustainable as possible, offering a 30-year design life. StratusPower will be demonstrated by Centiel’s team of experts led by Louis McGarry, Sales and Marketing Director and Aaron Oddy, Sales Manager who have many years’ experience working hand-in-hand with datacentres to provide the most available UPS systems while carefully managing total cost of ownership (TCO).
Louis McGarry commented: “As an industry which burns significant amounts of energy, we must work towards creating a more sustainable future. At Centiel, we act as trusted advisors to our clients which means we can help organisations take steps to move away from a “throw-away” culture, now with a genuinely sustainable offering and help them reduce TCO at the same time.”
The three-phase modular UPS StratusPower now covers a power range from 50 to 1,500kW in one cabinet and can be paralleled for 3,750kW of uninterrupted, clean power, which is perfect for data centers. At DCW, London Centiel will show a 1,200kW StratusPowerTM with a power density of 1,000kW/m² and StratusPower in an IP54 enclosure for use in more challenging environments.

Like Centiel’s whole range of UPS solutions, UPS cabinets are designed with scalability and flexibility in mind, and future load changes are easily accommodated by adding or removing UPS modules as required. A data center will never outgrow a well-specified StratusPower UPS and it can be constantly rightsized to ensure it always operates at the optimal point in its efficiency curve.

Centiel’s UPS solutions can also work with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries which tolerate higher ambient temperatures to reduce the need for cooling further and will only need to be replaced once in a 30-year design life.
Louis McGarry confirms: “StratusPower now not only minimizes total cost of ownership but also helps achieve sustainability goals with a full commitment to zero waste and net-zero policies. The system is highly efficient, scalable, and reliable, providing complete peace of mind when it comes to power availability and uptime for critical power protection. We are excited to talk to data centre managers at DCW who are seriously looking at how to improve sustainability and how this can be achieved within their data centre.”

Centiel now protects critical loads for data centres and comms rooms in over 100 countries across five continents. For further information please see: www.centiel.co.uk