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Centiel’s PremiumTower supports critical power for Century Synthetic Fiber, Vietnam


Centiel’s PremiumTower supports critical power for Century Synthetic Fiber, Vietnam

Century Synthetic Fiber Corporation, based in Vietnam, has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality polyester filament yarns, including Partially Oriented Yarn (“POY”), Drawn Texturized Yarn (“DTY”), and Fully Drawn Yarn (“FDY”) for nearly 22 years. The company’s products serve as the first input for knitting mills in the production of fabrics and other raw materials that are then supplied to high-end footwear and athletic apparel manufacturers.
Century combines economic success with environmental and social responsibility. Through modern facilities, a professional workforce, and leading management practices, Century provides high- quality products and excellent service to its customers.
Century operates two factories employing approximately 1,500 people at locations in the Tay Bac Cu Chi Industrial Zone in Cu Chi District and the Trang Bang Industrial Zone in Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam. To protect power to the factories, Century had been using a legacy uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solution for 20 years. However, these UPS systems were beginning to experience operational issues as they approached the end of their design life. Century was looking for a more modern, reliable UPS with increased efficiency to support its 24/7 operating model.
Century chose to work with Truong Khai Development (TKC), a partner and distributor of leading UPS manufacturer Centiel, for four years. The initial project to replace the legacy UPS systems took place in 2022, with additional UPS to be replaced in 2023.

Two Centiel PremiumTowerTM 500kW UPSs, one supported by Hoppecke batteries and the other using existing 108 Fiamm batteries, now provide five five- minute backups for the plant’s heavy-duty machining equipment.
In 2023, a further four PremiumTower UPSs were replaced to ensure continuous power backup at both sites.
PremiumTower is a three-phase, double-conversion online UPS designed to maximize efficiency and minimize space requirements. PremiumTower delivers up to 415 kW per square meter of power while providing efficient and uncompromised availability. The self-contained cabinets can be wall-mounted with only front access required for service, saving space and simplifying maintenance. PremiumTower can also be paralleled as needed to provide either additional power capacity or redundancy. In addition, its best- in-class online operating efficiency of 96.6% in double conversion mode minimizes operating costs and reduces the total cost of ownership.
The PremiumTower installation projects were completed by four TKC engineers supported by a project manager and four laborers. Although much time was spent carefully surveying the site and the plant’s existing systems to develop an effective action plan for the replacement, the installations themselves took only one day. The TKC team worked closely with the mill’s engineering team, and this close collaboration contributed to the success of the project
TKC now supports Century with two preventive maintenance visits per year to ensure that the UPSs continue to perform optimally to protect the power to Century’s factories.

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