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Centiel’s StratusPower UPS leads the way in robust and scalable power solutions


Data center requirements

In the dynamic world of data centers, the relentless growth of global data requires secure and fast storage, driving the expansion of data centers worldwide. The current data center landscape is characterized by an increase in size and scale and a shift to advanced configurations such as cloud-based, hybrid, and distributed data centers. More recently, centralized or partially centralized data center models often fail to meet the replication, reliability, and resiliency requirements of today’s customers. Centiel’s StratusPowerTM UPS is becoming a critical solution in response to this evolving landscape.

StratusPower addresses the critical needs of the modern data center, going beyond a traditional power solution to address the core requirements that are fundamental to smooth operations.

These essential requirements include:

  • Business continuity and zero downtime: An uninterruptible power supply that enables seamless business continuity and minimizes the risk of downtime;
  • Cost optimization through energy efficiency: Optimal energy efficiency not only reduces energy losses and operating costs but also eliminates the need for significant investments in highperformance temperature control systems;
  • Safe and reliable data storage: Data protection is paramount, and providing continuous, high-quality power to data centers to ensure secure and reliable data storage is a top priority.

Centiel’s DARA concept

As a leader in UPS technology, Centiel has implemented the DARA concept across its entire modular product line. This innovative solution allows users to scale their power capacity by seamlessly adding modules to achieve multi-megawatt power capacities. This concept ensures maximum scalability and eliminates single points of failure by introducing a fully redundant and fault-tolerant architecture. StratusPower’s scalability is unparalleled, offering modules from compact 10kW to robust 62.5 kW for a variety of applications. The system’s adaptability is further demonstrated by its ability to consolidate power in a single cabinet, scaling from 10 kW to an impressive 1500 kW, with seamless expansion capabilities up to a staggering 3.75 MW.

StratusPower key features

As data centers expand into larger, denser, and more interconnected facilities, operating costs are skyrocketing. In response, StratusPower is emerging as a strategic choice to manage costs by providing resilience, scalable power distribution solutions, and ease of installation and maintenance.

Key features of the transformerless and modular UPS systems include:

  • Powerful frames: With up to 1.5 MW of power in a single cabinet, StratusPower frames meet a wide range of power requirements;
  • Flexible modules: A versatile selection of power modules, including 10/20/25/30 kW for lower power requirements and 50/62.5 kW for higher power requirements, ensures customization to meet specific needs;
  • Scalability: System capacity can be expanded to an impressive 3.75 MW, providing scalability to meet changing needs;
  • High-energy converters: With high-energy converters that achieve 97.6 percent efficiency in VFI mode, StratusPower delivers outstanding performance;
  • Optimized footprint: With an optimized footprint of up to 1 MW/m2, StratusPower maximizes space efficiency;
  • Fast installation and adaptability: Installation is simple, secure, and fast, with high adaptability to existing infrastructure for minimal disruption;
  • Fault-tolerant architecture: StratusPower utilizes a fully redundant, fault-tolerant DARA architecture for increased system reliability;
  • Comprehensive connectivity: StratusPower is fully networked with multiple protocols and a full range of communication channels, and can be seamlessly integrated into multiple environments.

Future data center developments

Forward-thinking data center operators are strategically allocating space to meet both AI and traditional computing needs, adapting to the evolving demands of the marketplace. With a focus on maximum efficiency and resiliency, high-efficiency UPS technologies play a key role in mitigating power distribution losses. The emerging paradigm of modular or prefabricated data centers offers scalable solutions for seamless expansion as AI workloads grow, eliminating the need for significant structural changes. This disruptive approach moves construction tasks offsite for efficient assembly by trained professionals, facilitating rapid deployment and ensuring the creation of world-class, highperformance data centers. As the development of AI gains momentum, data center industry stakeholders must prepare for increased workloads by embracing energy-efficient, digital, and modular solutions that align with StratusPower’s forward-thinking capabilities and ultimately shape the future of power protection.

Tomorrow’s data center today

With its flexibility, ease of use, efficiency, reliability, availability, and resiliency, StratusPower embodies Centiel’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art UPS technology. Most importantly, it gives users the peace of mind that their power supply is protected by the most reliable power protection technologyavailable today.

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