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Artikel, Whitepaper

Protecting the Critical Power for Production at Envase Central



Beverage Packaging Facility


Voltage Fluctuations


CumulusPower™ now provides clean continuous power to Envase Central the provider of canning and packaging of soft drinks, based in Santiago, Chile.

Power Protection Solution

750kW CumulusPower™ system populated with 13 x 60kW intelligent UPS modules, providing 15 minutes autonomy.


Santiago, Chile

Our Customer

Centiel’s local partner was invited to tender for the supply, installation, and maintenance of a UPS system to protect the power for a provider of canning and packaging of soft drinks for some of the world’s leading house-hold name brands. Based in Santiago, Chile the Envase Central factory produces 75 products with the help of 157 team members for Vital Jugos S.A., Coca Cola. and Vital Aguas S.A.

The Project

To ensure clean, consistent power to support the significant number of electronic processes that make up the electrical network to power the production processes at the plant, Envase Central required a reliable UPS solution. The new UPS needed to mitigate large voltage fluctuations and prevent delays in production due to failure of electrical, electronic, and power components following power interruptions which decrease the effectiveness of the plant.
The project was specified following analysis of the true consumption and management requirement of energy at the facility. A study of loads was carried out for the varying formats and conditions of the production line which includes electronics, power, motors and even furnaces as part of the same system.

The Solution

Centiel’s industry leading 4th generation true modular UPS CumulusPower™ known for its 99.9999999% (nine-nines) availability translating to just milliseconds of downtime per year was chosen as the best option to guarantee a continuous supply of power and voltage stability for the production processes. In addition, CumulusPower™ now provides back-up power in the event of a complete power failure allowing a controlled shutdown of the production line without affecting the setup.
The new Centiel CumulusPower™ system and associated infrastructure designed to provide up to 780kW power, was installed in a UPS room at the production plant, designed by Centiel’s local team of engineers. CumulusPower™ is now supported by a lithium-ion battery bank and a precision climate system.
Gerardo Lecuona, co-founder and sales director, Centiel explains: “Our local partner presented a robust and reliable UPS solution. Thanks to its redundant architecture, high energy availability and simplicity when executing maintenance services, CumulusPower™ was the most suitable option for the high-power demand and level of criticality of the industrial systems at the plant.
“A further advantage of CumulusPower™ is that the 13 x 60 kW autonomous modules making up the UPS, can operate with Lithium batteries without the need for invasive modifications, making it particularly straightforward to set up. Servicing is easy as each individual module can be evaluated or hot-safe- swapped without compromising the load or the system.
“In contrast to other systems which include fuses within modules, Centiel’s superior design has been modified to include fuses external to the modules at a frame level. This means replacement takes seconds and can be completed by a member of staff who has undertaken first level response training. This significantly reduces mean time to repair (MTTR) as it removes the need for an engineer to attend and potentially put a system into bypass (depending on configuration) to remove modules and complete remedial works.”
Lecuona continues: “This project was completed in four weeks and represents the first installation of CumulusPower™ to be supported by lithium-ion batteries in a production system or production plant anywhere in the world. As well as now providing a clean, stable source of power for Envase Central’s critical production line, the 750 kW UPS will supply 15 minutes run-time in the event of a complete power failure, ensuring all electrical components are protected during any necessary shutdown.
“As trusted advisors, Centiel provide technical expertise to their clients across the globe to design the most robust, flexible and optimal UPS solutions available, supported by local engineers. We are proud to have CumulusPower™ protecting the power at Envase Central ensuring the company’s production line remains protected for the long term.”

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