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Empowering Sustainability: Centiel’s Impact on Ecosalmon’s Salmon Operations



Ecosalmon S.A., a major player in the Chilean salmon industry, faced a critical challenge in maintaining a reliable power supply for its operations in La Unión, Chile. Their salmon farming facility required uninterrupted power to support critical equipment such as UV filters, oxygenation systems and tank lighting. Power instability posed a significant risk, particularly in terms of salmon mortality due to inadequate lighting, jeopardizing both operational continuity and sustainability objectives.

Committed to sustainable practices, Ecosalmon uses environmentally friendly technologies and efficient water management to minimise its environmental footprint. In addition, the company is actively involved in social responsibility initiatives, fostering entrepreneurship and creating value within local communities.


To meet the challenge of operational stability and achieve its sustainability goals, Ecosalmon S.A. chose the Centiel UPS system, deploying two 300 kW CumulusPower units. Strategically positioned in a dedicated electrical management room, these units provided critical standby power to ensure uninterrupted operation of essential equipment during power outages.

The modular design of the system provided redundancy, ensuring that the failure of a single module would not affect overall functionality.


The implementation of the Centiel system has had a profound impact on the operations of Ecosalmon S.A. and the sustainability of the industry as a whole:

Operational reliability: By eliminating the risk of salmon mortality due to power outages, the system has increased confidence in the operation of the facility and reduced the risk of equipment failure, enhancing overall operational reliability.

Reduced unplanned downtime: The system significantly reduced the likelihood of unplanned interruptions, ensuring smooth operations and mitigating potential financial losses associated with downtime.

Sustainable practices: Ecosalmon S.A.’s commitment to sustainable practices has been strengthened through the implementation of the Centiel system, aligning it with industry standards and enhancing its reputation as a responsible salmon producer.

Industry leadership: The successful implementation of the Centiel system positioned Ecosalmon S.A. as an industry leader in adopting innovative solutions to address critical challenges, setting a benchmark for other salmon producers.


The implementation of the Centiel system at Ecosalmon S.A. is an example of the successful application of innovative technology to address critical industry challenges. By ensuring a stable power supply and mitigating the risks associated with power outages, the system has not only improved operational reliability but also contributed to the company’s sustainability goals. As Ecosalmon S.A. continues to thrive in the salmon industry, the Centiel system is a piece of evidence of the transformative power of strategic technology investments.

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