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Singapore casino complex bets on availability and reliability: UPS installations safeguard uninterrupted operations



In the lively heart of Singapore lies an extensive casino complex that includes hotels, vibrant casino floors, shopping boutiques, diverse dining options, captivating entertainment venues, and spacious convention/exhibition halls.
This dynamic hub faces a daunting challenge: the need for uninterrupted operations amidst its vast infrastructure and daily influx of visitors. Power outages are not an option, as they could disrupt critical systems, result in data loss, financial losses, and damage the complex’s reputation.


To meet this daunting challenge, the casino complex selected Centiel to provide a state-of-the-art modular uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, with DataSphere as the channel partner to implement the solution. This modular, scalable, and redundant UPS solution was carefully designed and implemented to ensure seamless operations. The configuration included N+1 redundancy to ensure systems availability and reliability even in the event of a module failure. This was complemented by an advanced monitoring and management system that provided real-time insight into UPS’s status and performance, ensuring maximum uptime and unwavering reliability.
Six UPS systems were strategically deployed, with capacities ranging from 150 kVA to 600 kVA, each equipped with lithium-ion batteries capable of providing 30 minutes of backup power.
The installations of these UPS systems were a multi- faceted challenge. It required a thorough understanding of the complex power requirements and protection needs of the complex. Seamless integration was paramount, as any disruption to operations was unacceptable. The scale of the project was considerable, requiring meticulous planning and close collaboration between various stakeholders, including the facilities team, consultants, and the main contractor. Overcoming time and space constraints were critical to avoid disruption and facilitate future maintenance.


The UPS installation at the Singapore casino complex provided a number of benefits. First, it ensured uninterrupted operations even in the face of power outages, protecting against data loss and potential financial setbacks, particularly for critical casino operations that rely on computer systems.

Second, the UPS systems provided a shield against power surges and voltage fluctuations, preserving the integrity of sensitive electronic equipment, including computers, servers, and essential machinery.
Third, the clean power provided by the UPS systems extended the life of the connected equipment by efficiently filtering out electrical noise and interference.
Finally, this installation underscored the complex’s unwavering commitment to providing an unparalleled customer experience. It ensured uninterrupted operations during power outages, thereby maintaining its esteemed status as a world- class hotel and casino.


In retrospect, the installations of Centiel UPS systems were a monumental achievement. It fortified the complex’s resilience by ensuring a constant power supply to critical systems. Despite the multifarious challenges, including those posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, this strategic investment underscored the casino’s dedication to delivering exceptional services.
The project spanned nearly 18 months, encompassing meticulous planning and stringent approval processes. Ultimately, the UPS installations were a complete success, furnishing reliable and uninterrupted power to the complex’s critical systems. It represents a substantial investment, empowering the casino to continue delivering world-class services to its valued guests and visitors.

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