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Taiwan Presidential Palace upgrades security with Centiel UPS system



In the bustling heart of Taipei City, Taiwan, stands the towering edifice of the Presidential Palace, the nation’s seat of government. This iconic structure serves as the nerve center of power, requiring uncompromising security measures to protect its sanctity. However, amid constant vigilance against security breaches, an outdated access control system posed a significant risk to the integrity of the Presidential Palace’s security protocols. In response to this pressing challenge, a concerted effort was made to strengthen the access control infrastructure with a reliable and robust Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system that would ensure the continued operation of security equipment even in the face of power outages.

The problem

The security of the presidential palace was facing a major challenge due to an outdated access control system. With the potential for security breaches and leaks of sensitive government information, the reliability of the existing infrastructure was in question. Power outages posed a serious risk to the functionality of the access control system, leaving the presidential palace vulnerable to security threats. The need to modernize the security apparatus became apparent, requiring a quick and effective solution to strengthen the defenses of this vital government institution.


To address the critical security concerns at the Presidential Palace, Centiel’s partner company in Taiwan emerged as the beacon of solution delivery. After winning the government procurement project, Centiel’s partner company spearheaded the installation of a new UPS system tailored to the specific needs of the Presidential Palace. After careful evaluation, Centiel’s Universal Rack UPS featuring DARA technology emerged as the ideal choice. Renowned for its short lead times, fast crossborder delivery, and unparalleled quality, Centiel’s UPS system offered the perfect blend of reliability and performance required for the task at hand. Strategically positioned to power the access control system, the Centiel UPS system’s modular design and compact footprint seamlessly integrated with the existing infrastructure. Installation was quick, with minimal disruption to operations. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, the Centiel UPS system provided a robust shield against power failures, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the access
control system even during unforeseen challenges.


The deployment of the Centiel UPS system ushered in a new era of security resilience at the Presidential Palace. By providing a reliable power backup solution, the UPS system significantly reduced the risk of security breaches due to power failures. Personnel entry and exit procedures were streamlined, improving the efficiency and reliability of security protocols. In addition, the seamless integration of the Centiel UPS system minimized downtime, ensuring that the presidential palace was always protected from potential threats. Beyond the immediate benefits, the successful implementation of Centiel’s UPS system demonstrated Taiwan’s commitment to using innovative technologies to address critical security challenges. By embracing innovation, Taiwan’s Presidential Palace is fortified against security threats, ensuring the continuity of government operations and safeguarding the nation’s integrity and sovereignty.

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