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Taiwan’s Ministry of Justice upgrades power supply in data centre with Centiel UPS



Taiwan’s Ministry of Justice (MOJ), a key government body responsible for judicial functions, faced a significant challenge. The MOJ’s data centre in Taipei City relied on uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and batteries that were in urgent need of replacement. These aging systems were at risk of power instability, potentially jeopardising the integrity of critical judicial and administrative operations. Reliable power is essential to maintaining the data centre’s operation, which supports various judicial processes and ensures the continuity of judicial services throughout Taiwan.


To address this pressing issue, the MOJ turned to Centiel for a comprehensive UPS solution. Centiel’s ability to provide fast delivery and easy installation was critical to meeting the project’s tight 60 calendar-day timeline. The solution selected included:

Three-phase modular Universal Rack UPS: This UPS unit is renowned for its reliability and efficiency, making it ideal for the requirements of the data centre.

Decentralised UPS Modules: Intelligent modules that increase the flexibility and serviceability of the system.

Batteries: Valve-regulated lead acid batteries provide robust and reliable backup power, ensuring the data centre can continue operating during power outages.

The installation was located within the data centre to ensure optimum integration with the existing infrastructure. The Centiel UPS system was chosen for its rapid deployment capability, cost-effectiveness, and ease with which intelligent modules can be replaced or upgraded.


The installation process was efficiently completed within the required 60-day timeframe, using a dedicated team of engineers and project managers. This rapid implementation ensured minimal disruption to the MOJ’s operations.

The new UPS system provides the following benefits:

Improved reliability: The UPS system provides a continuous and stable power supply, which is critical to the MOJ’s data centre operations.
Reduced downtime risk: The risk of unexpected power outages has been significantly minimised by replacing the old batteries and UPS systems.
Cost-effective maintenance: The intelligent modules (IM20) allow for easy and quick replacement, reducing long-term maintenance costs and downtime.
Future proof: The scalable nature of Centiel’s UPS solutions means that the MOJ can easily upgrade its systems to meet future requirements without significant
additional investment.

The successful deployment of this UPS system underlines Centiel’s commitment to providing reliable, efficient, and scalable power solutions. It demonstrates Centiel’s ability to meet stringent government procurement requirements and deliver high-quality products to tight deadlines.

This upgrade ensures the smooth operation of the MOJ’s critical data centre and strengthens the stability and reliability of Taiwan’s judicial infrastructure. By mitigating the
risk of power outages, Centiel’s solution supports the MOJ in its mission to uphold justice and public trust by providing a robust foundation for the country’s legal processes.

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