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The Uptime Institute Approves Range of Innovative Tier III Ready Data Centre Designs


A range of innovative Tier III Ready Datacentre designs have now been fully approved by the Uptime Institute. The team at Cannon Technologies working in conjunction with several OEM manufacturers, including CENTIEL, have spent more than three years developing a pre-certified set of solutions now available in ratings of: 100kW, 250kW, 500kW and 1MW.

Mark Awdas, engineering director, Cannon Technologies confirms: “The first 100kW data centre solution, using a 2N design configuration was completed and approved in 2019, and since then we have worked closely with our industry partners to make various Tier III datacentre designs available for facilities requiring different sized systems. This award now provides our customers with fact-based evidence that their final build will more easily obtain their final Tier Certification.

“We now have four Tier III ready Modular DC designs described as ‘concurrently maintainable’ which ensures that any component can be taken out of service without affecting production. It’s been a long and detailed process, but now clients can purchase a Tier III ready datacentre solution to match their needs, dramatically speeding up their time to market, as well as reducing the associated design and engineering costs and also removing the risk and cost associated with alternative options.”

CENTIEL’s leading three phase, true modular UPS CumulusPower™ and technical support was chosen to be incorporated into the designs. The technology offers the highest levels of resilience, is flexible, robust and it has been tried and tested in many scenarios.

Louis McGarry, sales and marketing director, CENTIEL UK confirms: “We have worked closely with Cannon Technologies to help with the design and implementation of our industry leading true modular UPS technology CumulusPower™ for the Tier III ready data centre design. CumulusPower™ offers the highest level of uptime available, and the extensive range of frame sizes means that modules can easily scale to ensure capacity in each system.

“It’s been great working with the Cannon Technologies’ team and harnessing our combined technical expertise to overcome the various challenges to create a certified Tier III data centre, which now offers a rapid and convenient answer to implementing a fully inclusive, certified solution.”

The UPS is only one element of the whole approved set of Tier III data centre solutions which have been developed. Cannon Technologies has also collaborated with other partners to provide a complete solution that includes generators, switch gear, cooling and cabling so the entire design can be offered as an approved product.

Mark Awdas continues: “The result is that any organisation now looking to implement a Tier III data centre can purchase a pre-approved design and all the equipment for what is essentially a fixed price. We just need to re-assess the figures for the environmental element depending on the location of the installation. Customers can push forwards with confidence, safe in the knowledge the configuration is already certified.”

For more information please see: www.centiel.com or https://www.cannontech.co.uk