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Uptime reaches new heights with Centiel’s CumulusPower


A never-before achieved figure of 99.9999999% availability (“9 nines”) is now available through Swiss-based UPS manufacturer, Centiel, with its pioneering 4th Generation Modular UPS system: CumulusPower. This three-phase, online double conversion and fully decentralized ‘hot-swappable’ modular Uninterruptible Power Supply is available from 10kW to 3.6MW.

Uptime or power availability is the number one concern of IT professionals and those responsible for business continuity. CumulusPower addresses this with ‘9 nines’ performance that is achieved through fully independent and self-isolating intelligent UPS modules - each with individual rectifiers, inverters, static bypass, CPU and communications logic and display. When compared the product to all other UPS technology it delivers a performance of just 35.1 milliseconds of downtime per year as opposed to a 35.1 seconds performance (6 nines) of the closest competitor.

This power availability superiority is achieved through Centiel’s technology that eliminates any single point of failure. This approach, labelled Distributed Active-Redundant Architecture (DARA), prevents human error and reduces the time to maintain and repair the units. Its Active-redundant technology allows technicians and service professionals to perform maintenance and service in a safe and protective environment for the connected on-line load.

DARA modular technology is also characterized by its self-healing mechanism without human intervention that, in the unlikely event of a module failure, the system will reconfigure itself as well as being able to support 124% continuous overload , while the module can be quickly and safely “hot-swapped” without transferring the load to bypass and raw mains.

Besides achieving the highest uptime of ‘9 nines’, CumulusPower offers a high energy efficiency of 97.1% in double conversion mode. CumulusPower provides the lowest total cost of ownership and lowest carbon footprint as it incorporates an Intelligent Maximum Efficiency Management (MEM) function that matches the number of modules to the load demand by monitoring the level of optimum energy efficiency. At low load levels, any modules no longer required to maintain redundancy are placed into Active-Sleep mode, reducing overall energy consumption. Active-Sleep modules are instantly online when load increases, maintaining maximum availability at all times.

Another important feature of Centiel’s technology is its flexibility regarding the number of batteries to which the UPS can be connected. Many UPS models are fixed, in relation to the number of batteries to which they are connected, (many have to be supported by 40 batteries for example) but Centiel’s can adapt to any number from 30 to 50, connected independently to each module to bring full redundancy or be synced to multiple sets of batteries that run in parallel for the whole system. This offers greater flexibility to adapt to the demanded autonomy time and cost of new systems or to reuse existing battery blocks when replacing aged UPSs in existing installations.

Gerardo Lecuona, Co-Founder, of Centiel says: “Our 4th Generation of modular technology CumulusPower clearly offers innovative technology that not only supports superior power availability, but which also provides benefits such as energy efficiency and simple serviceability. We believe that not only does it offer the lowest cost of ownership but that it addresses all the major concerns that customers have”.

For further information about Centiel’s full range of UPS solutions please see: www.centiel.com