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Centiel secures prestigious 2023 Technology Innovation Award for revolutionizing the global UPS industry


Frost & Sullivan's Best Practices Recognition Committee has recognized Centiel's technology and innovation leadership in the global uninterruptible power supply (UPS) industry with the prestigious 2023 Technology Innovation Award. This esteemed recognition from the independent market research analyst group reflects Centiel's exceptional commitment to driving innovation, sustainability, and high availability in the power protection sector.

Frost & Sullivan's Best Practices Recognition Committee reserves this award for companies that demonstrate visionary thinking, effectively execute growth strategies and consistently develop products, solutions, and services that meet ever-changing customer needs. Centiel's innovative spirit and transformative solutions fit these criteria perfectly, making them a deserving recipient of this year's Technology Innovation Leadership Award.

Centiel's continuous commitment to pushing the boundaries of power protection technology and addressing the evolving needs of critical facilities has earned them this significant recognition. The company's strategic approach to innovation and its market-driven solutions have solidified its position as a torchbearer in the UPS industry.

"Our team's relentless pursuit of innovation and customer-focused solutions has been instrumental in achieving this prestigious award," commented Gerardo Lecuona, Centiel's Director of Sales. "We are proud to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan for our contributions to the UPS industry and remain committed to driving innovation and excellence."

Centiel's solutions, including its CumulusPower™ and StratusPower™ offerings, have revolutionized power protection systems. The company's commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and operational excellence has resulted in UPS systems with unprecedented availability (99.9999999%) and enhanced VFI energy efficiency of up to 97.6%. In addition, Centiel's unique design approach, which incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as Distributed Decision Making™ and DCFlex©, ensures resiliency, even in the face of critical decision moments. Furthermore, StratusPower™ offers an unmatched design life of more than 30 years, setting it apart from competing solutions.

Centiel's unique approach to partnership has also contributed to its success. Through collaborative and dynamic engagement with channel partners and customers, the company has rapidly expanded its global footprint. By fostering strong relationships, Centiel ensures that its solutions address specific customer needs while delivering unparalleled value throughout the supply chain. As Centiel continues its journey as a key player in the UPS industry, its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer focus remains unwavering. With a growth curve that exceeds market expectations, Centiel is prepared to lead the way in shaping the future of power protection technology.

Download here the Frost & Sullivan analyst report.